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Eco Friendly Policy

Unique efforts are taken to preserve an Eco friendly environment. The effluents generated are segregated and treated in their respective facilities, comprising of 5 individual treatment units.

  • Solar Evaporation Pond : For the treatment of Soak liquor.
  • Lime Recovery Plant: Lime is recovered and the water reused.
  • Chrome Recovery Plant : Chrome is recovered and reused in the regular production.
  • Main Effluent Treatment Plant: For the treatment of all other effluents.
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R.O Stage 1 & Stage 2 : The final treatment system where all parameters are achieved making it fit for recycling and reuse in the tannery process.

The uniqueness of the treatment facility is the concept of ZERO DISCHARGE followed by tannery.The motto of Reclaim,Recycle,Reuse is strictly followed to achieve the goal of a clean, healthy and green environment,an unparelleld gift for the future generations.