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Raw hides are sourced from all over India and care is taken to procure only quality hides meant for specific needs. Production is carried out in a systematic way. Basically Beam house operations are done using traditional skill in a modern way. Optimum stocks of Wet Blue leather are maintained so that whichever selections (Grades) are needed for a particular article,can be immediately issued for production from the stocks. This avoids unnecessary delays in delivery and has contributed to our reputation as a very Punctual Shipper.

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Finished Leathers of all types are produced mainly from Full Chrome and also High Vegetable leather.Some of the articles produced are:

  • Cow Upper Leather of various types.
  • Cow waxy Nappa.
  • Cow Soft & Bouncy Nappa.
  • Cow Vachetta.
  • Cow Silky Nubuck,Oil Nubuck,Polishable Nubuck.
  • Cow Oil Pull-up.
  • Cow Tumbled.
  • Cow Burnish.
  • Cow Lining (finished,Drum Dyed & Milled).
  • Cow softy milled.
  • Cow Polished Leather.
  • Cow gloving Leather.
  • High Veg cow calf.

and many other finishes based on customer's requirements.

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We are a reliable source of leather to the shoe factories,leather goods,leather garments & leather gloving units throughout the world with a production capacity of 5 million sft per annum.